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Where do the Christian Greys hang out?

…when they’re not jetting around the world or running multimillion-dollar businesses, that is? OK so let’s just acknowledge that the super-rich part is more likely to stay in the realm of fantasy for most people. But would you settle for reasonably successful? There are plenty of that type who are also trained in the kinky arts. And honestly, you want someone with some training, because otherwise you could get very hurt in those kinky red-room sessions….and not in a good way. Although they seem magical when you’re on the receiving end, skills like being able to tie someone up or spank, flog, or whip them well actually take a lot of work.

Your first stop is FetLife, which is like Facebook for kinky people. You can sign up with any user name you like, and you can list a fake date of birth etc. so you can keep your secrets to yourself. Once you’ve signed up, you can check out local events and browse profiles of dominant men in your area–and there are more in most areas than you can shake a stick at! (Hint: Check out the guys who’ve RSVP’d to dom-training events; it saves time over general profile browsing, and it also means they show at least some interest in proper training.)

I would not recommend answering personals ads on Craigslist or any other general-purpose community sites, because people can remain too anonymous there. If you do, be extra careful! Of course, predators lurk on FetLife too, so you should always meet someone in a public place until you know them well, but if someone is going to kinky community parties and events, they’re a little more accountable for their actions that if they’re operating in the general anonymous Craigslist void.



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