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“Don’t fall in love with your first dom”

You hear this all the time in BDSM circles, especially as a newbie. “Don’t fall in love with your first dom.” Ridiculous! For one thing, you can’t help who you fall in love with, right? The heart wants what it wants. For another, love in any form is a beautiful thing to treasure. Your heart … Continue reading

“But I’m not submissive”

Well hell, neither am I. What do you think of when you think “submissive”? Someone weak, indecisive, wavering, timid? Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary before James Spader gave her all that confidence? Sure, some people with submissive tendencies also have the stereotypical traits. There are also kick-ass, decisive, high-powered people who find being submissive on occasion … Continue reading

Where do the Christian Greys hang out?

…when they’re not jetting around the world or running multimillion-dollar businesses, that is? OK so let’s just acknowledge that the super-rich part is more likely to stay in the realm of fantasy for most people. But would you settle for reasonably successful? There are plenty of that type who are also trained in the kinky arts. … Continue reading

Dominant vs. Abusive

There are domly guys, and then there are just dicks. Trust me, there are a lot of misogynists out there—men who really don’t like and respect women—masquerading as the Christian Grey type. And there are all kinds way they can mistreat you: physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse. I’m a bit of an emotional masochist … Continue reading

Ready to make your 50 Shades fantasies come true?

Sure, Christian Grey is hot, but he lives only in pages and in our dreams (and soon on the big screen, yay!). The good news is, there are hot dominant guys in real life too, the kind who know that sometimes a girl just wants to be told what to do. Firmly. Looked at that … Continue reading

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